Labor Management Policy

Labor Relation and Labor Management Policy

Lanna Products realize that the human resources is one important strategy of our business policies.
To achieve our goals, we continuously improve an organization value, a communication, a participation,
and also human resources management (HRM), as following procedures;

1. All staffs can openly have a suggestion for a working condition, a discipline, and other activities.

2. The forum between our board of administrative and all staffs must be provided once a year at least.
This stage can help an understanding for business policy, and discussion an opinion.

3. Knowledge management for all staffs must be effectively planned by training program,
research and development, and also seminar, suitable for each staff’s skill and job task.

4. Communication route way must be always developed to fit for all staffs
(One-way, and two-way communication).

5. The organization attitudes must be managed to all staffs with good ethics, and morals.

6. The participation system is designed for all staffs by Committee of Welfare to have their own
activities, and also supports their family and community.