Lanna Products has been established since February 2, 1989, a few years before Northern Region Industrial Estate (NRIE)

was found, started with freezing factory for Frozen Wasabi and other vegetables. Then, the company was built other factories

for Mustard Essential Oils, Cocktail Sauce and Condiments, and also Mustard Flour factory. Currently, the company invests

many processes for applicable manufacturing such as freezing, dehydration, drying,canning, roasting, distillation and extraction.

Main products include with; Wasabi products, Cocktail Sauce, Condiments, Mustard Essential Oils, Horseradish Essential Oils,

Frozen Vegetables. Main export destinations include with; EU, Japan, USA and Australia.

History Timeline

  • 1989   Frozen factory started
  • 1992   Essential oils factory started
  • 1997   Prepared Foods Factory started
  • 2001   Condiment Factory started
  • 2003   Mustard Flour Factory started
  • 2006   New Essential Oil Factory and QA&RD Laboratory
  • 2008   Dehydrated Product Factory and Biomass Boiler started
  • 2011   Zero waste management was implemented as Lanna Bio-complex
  • 2013   Research Plant started
  • 2016   Biogas Plant started
  • 2018   New office and meeting hall complete